Liteville 301 Frame, Headset and Seat Collar - 1899.00 - Mk10, 1999 - Mk 11




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Frame comes with a good quality Headset and seat collar worth £118.99 at retail

The Frame Design

On first sight, the Liteville 301 frame does not look very much different from a conventional
full-suspension MTB frame where the shock is placed parallel to and under the top tube.
The main difference is, that the shock is not mounted, as usual, with the front connected to the frame,
but instead with the rear connected to the connection of top tube and seat tube of the main triangle.

The decision to „reverse“ the shock mount has important reasons and is not just a design gag or just to
do something different. It was our goal to design a real multi-pivot frame with a statically „healthy“ construction.
That means, that all forces are to be introduced into the frame as softly as possible for frame and shock.
A key advantage of the reverse shock linkage is to introduce the forces of the rear triangle and shock into the main
frame triangle right at the very solid connection between seat tube and top tube. In addition, the introduced force is
working against the force being exerted by the rider via seat post and seat tube and is partially neutralized.
In standard full-suspension frame designs with the shock parallel to the top tube, all forces act in the same direction
and as a result the stress on the frame is much higher.

The frame
For maximum stiffness and durability every single tube is multiply butted and the overall frame construction consistently adheres to oversize principles.
The head tube of the Liteville 301 from MK8 onwards
ia a tapered head tube and uses pressed in stainless bearings. This allows the use of all available 1 1/8th and tapered steerer tube forks.
The tapered design with pressed in bearings does not only provide better stiffness and increased life time of the bearings (even when using standard 1 1/8 steerer forks),
but also reduces the frame weight.
For an even preciser steering, we have increased the lower tube diameter from 53mm to 57mm.
This, in combination with also enlarged upper tube cross section, guarantees a stiffness which did not seem possible with frames of this weight category.
This provides an extremely secure and precise response and handling. The seat stays and chain stays are also butted differently on the left and right to
accommodate for the different loads resulting from the chain pull and breaking forces. A specially challenging area – as with all Liteville frames – was once again the bottom bracket.
Here, bottom bracket, main pivot, front derailleur, rear tire, ISCG tab, chain guide (optional) and the rear gear cable have to all work in harmony with each other, yet are cramped in a confined space.
The unique and patented Neutral Center Path (NCP) provides non-length changing and uninterrupted gear cable routing resulting in the longest cable service intervals ever seen by mankind.
At the same time it was also the key feature making space for the patented Syntace Chainguide System (SCS) as thanks to the NCP we were able to place the SCS close and directly mounted to the chain stay,
allowing for creation of the lightest and best performing chain guide construction.
Construction type:
Diamond frame in oversize with 4-bar linkage diamond frame design,
up to 5x butted tubes.

Custom made Marine grade Aluminium with special heat treating.
Shotpeened for best material strength and fatigue properties. Anodized with lasered logo.
Raceblack anodised, works finish

In addition to the Raceblack anodised surface, we offer a limited number of works finish frames of every production (limited edition).
The new Liteville works finish ( marine grade alloy is used to prevent tarnishing)is a real raw aluminium surface finish. It is no raw colour imitation of a metallic surface. It displays the natural irregular surface structure of our craftsmanship.
Changes over time such as darkening in tone and formation of darker areas are mandatory with this finish. It is this, which creates the natural charm of the patina of a real works finish aluminium surface.
By the way, this surface can be reworked either mechanically or chemically.
You can scotch-brite the surface, you can polish it matt or to a mirror finish or even coat it as desired.
Weighs in at 6.1lb out the box inc shock

Yes they are using 301's on the video below, the beauty of a strong, well constructed, alloy frame that's lightweight.